Port-A-Hut, Inc.

Manufacturer of quality, affordable all-steel
shelters for livestock and other uses.

 Great for swine, calves, goats, sheep, and utility use.
  Port-A-Hut Inc.
P.O. Box 369
Storm Lake,IA 50588
Fax 1-732-6263
Calf Huts
Bucket and
bottle holders
Bucket.jpg (15924 bytes) Calfhut.jpg (22876 bytes)

Huts are all steel constructed. Completely factory assembled 4-1/2' x 7-1/2', 46" high. Available with swing in or out bucket holders and a bottle holder. Fronts can be partially closed or completely closed with door if desired.

P.O. Box 369 Storm Lake IA 50588
Toll Free: 1-800-882-4884
Phone: 1-712-732-2546    Fax: 1-712-732-6263
E-mail: infoport-a-hut@ncn.net

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