Port-A-Hut, Inc.

Manufacturer of quality, affordable all-steel
shelters for livestock and other uses.

 Great for swine, calves, goats, sheep, and utility use.
  Port-A-Hut Inc.
P.O. Box 369
Storm Lake,IA 50588
Fax 1-732-6263

The Original All-Steel Individual
Farrowing House and Calf Hut

2p1.jpg (61996 bytes) Basic Port-A-Hut comes completely assembled and features all-steel construction. Three anchor stakes are included. (Click picture for larger view)
Rear view shows permanently attached back enclosure with adjustable vent included with each hut. 7p1.jpg (78652 bytes)
5p1.jpg (46513 bytes) Port-A-Hut with optional guard rail allows passage way behind sow to save pigs.
Front enclosure without door. 3p1.jpg (98859 bytes)
4p1.jpg (102529 bytes) Port-A-Hut with optional steel front enclosure and full door keeps pigs inside. No tool required for enclosure assembly.
Optional pig roller fastens to the front closure of 7'x4-1/2' hut at door latch. Half door fits over pig roller. 6p1.jpg (80740 bytes)
About the Basic PORT-A-HUT
orig7sm.jpg (8649 bytes)
Fits front closure
Keeps pigs in 10-14 days
Just as the name implies, PORT-A-HUTS are portable! Their convenient 4'6"x7'6" base and 3'10" height allow for easy mobility, and with only 145 pounds weight, PORT-A-HUTS can be handled by one man. Remove the two front and one back anchor stakes included with each hut and you're ready to move your hog operation! Fifteen huts can be transported on your pickup. Ruggedness is another outstanding feature of PORT-A-HUTS. Each hut is all-steel constructed with heavy, galvanized, corrugated steel reinforcements and heavy duty angle iron frames. PORT-A-HUTS are maintenance free and built to take it!

The "Pasture System" has labor savers that allow minimum labor and management to produce maximum number of pigs in relation to cost. Break the disease cycle in your confinement house by using PORT-A-HUTS in the pasture for one farrowing.

P.O. Box 369 Storm Lake IA 50588
Toll Free: 1-800-882-4884
Phone: 1-712-732-2546    Fax: 1-712-732-6263
E-mail: infoport-a-hut@ncn.net

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